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B Com.  FCA  Registered Tax Agent

Belying his youthful appearance, Tony has been involved in the accounting profession for over 30 years. He advises a wide range of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in respect of business improvement and taxation matters, as well as looking after many individual clients.

He enjoys advising business owners in the divestment phase, due to the opportunities for significantly reduced tax outcomes by structuring transactions correctly and accessing the myriad of concessions available. Tony also knows the ins and outs of those pesky state taxes such as payroll tax, stamp duty and land tax.

Tony is married (to an accountant) and has four children, whose sporting pursuits he takes a keen interest in, and which means he knows his away around the sports grounds of the Sydney metropolitan area. He is involved in an administrative capacity in junior cricket on Sydney's lower north shore.

Tony loves his golf, describing his game as "the triumph of enthusiasm over skill" and despite his limited spare time manages to squeeze in a round most Sunday mornings. He is a long-suffering supporter of the Waratahs in the Super 15 rugby competition.